I feel like its been a long time since I blogged about how I feel. I’ve been busy with work, hanging out with family and friends, trying new things as often as I… Continue reading

Sly boys

The slyest of the boys leave scars They tell a different story The emotion to it are ultimately the same Of what not to regret, but to avoid Remnants of the trials and… Continue reading


Accept me for who I was in my past Love me for who I am today Promise to grow old with me for all our tomorrows I do not ask for many things… Continue reading

Sharing cropper

I’m a cropper, Auto focus on those moments I knew were worth the post With hidden faults and blemished truths Yes, I am a fool for perfection And I am also a fool… Continue reading

Broken soul

I know what you want I know how you need me We locked ourselves, waiting for the dawn But I broke down so early My scream echoed in the room I am disappointed… Continue reading

Begin moral compass

I often sleep on just one side of the bed Dreaming of that perfect one Kisses all day, skin to skin we touch I wonder how it feels to make love like you… Continue reading


Today I want to cry Why am I so eager to find something They say that its not to be sought I just want a shoulder to rest on A hand that is… Continue reading

Oath of a Sponge

I am loving myself more than you ever will So when you try to break my heart My heart is full, to start with


I find it painfully beautiful The way that people come and go Leaving you remnants of moments Little reminders of some things The subtleties of reality Crossing over the border of my imagination… Continue reading


Just when will I have my last first kiss That soft lips that grew on me I feel it lingering in the air Just when will I get to feel That pheromone skin,… Continue reading