Over flow

Slowly being comfortable with the sadness, I exhaust myself in silent tears. My sadness is reeking at the edges of my sanity. I wish to stop time and run away. But I cant, it… Continue reading


They say that pain is temporary And I believe it to be true Pain come and goes In unending motion Like the hand of the clock Poking the lines of 7 As fast… Continue reading

Wilted petals

Will happiness devour the petals already wilted? Diversions set in the play On a stage of hopefuls and hopeless Struggling to protect that lonely rose Before traveled far and about Meeting quests that… Continue reading

Moment thief

I’m crying again, on a weekend. It feels like a habit. I’m wasting tears on talkers. Fooling around with make believe. It is not fair. You told me what I deserve And it… Continue reading

A peeking thought

I saw a man Mimicking the sound of the tribes What is going on inside his mind? I was laughing inside myself It is stupidity without another choice Then a thought, trying to… Continue reading

In between

I’m hungry for love Need to spice things up a little My pepperly love But what is this Im not the only one What happened to my sweet You were here yesterday Somewhere… Continue reading


I feel like its been a long time since I blogged about how I feel. I’ve been busy with work, hanging out with family and friends, trying new things as often as I… Continue reading

Sly boys

The slyest of the boys leave scars They tell a different story The emotion to it are ultimately the same Of what not to regret, but to avoid Remnants of the trials and… Continue reading


Accept me for who I was in my past Love me for who I am today Promise to grow old with me for all our tomorrows I do not ask for many things… Continue reading

Sharing cropper

I’m a cropper, Auto focus on those moments I knew were worth the post With hidden faults and blemished truths Yes, I am a fool for perfection And I am also a fool… Continue reading