Shady heart

To be honest I looked forward for you Said you didn’t want to waste your time And I thought you wouldn’t want to waste mine But why all of a sudden you just… Continue reading


I am afraid to write about you Cause when I do I know it’s quicksand Words pull me towards needing you Wanting you, but that isn’t too bad Guess I can clearly say… Continue reading


I dread the thought of We ending up in a similar story Where the only thing that makes sense Is to move on I miss the way you look at me I miss… Continue reading


I long for the moment you say That we should try. Because I want you And you got me Silently, I am yours

Corniest Ever

I wish I was in love again I wish there was a hand I can call mine I wish I can tell somebody all my dreams, my desires I wish I can show… Continue reading


I am a woman, dancing into destined romance So disperse the notes that play for intense pleasure Enclosed in an arm’s length with lingering thoughts, profound Paint for tonight a faceless figure that… Continue reading

Exhausting morning

Every morning I have to convince myself to Get up It’s exhausting I feel tired of this life In many ways that is wrong Can’t help but feel this way


I do not know how to stop caring How to stop searching for your name Find what you are recently up to Maybe I fancy you a little too much Cause I promised… Continue reading

Beautiful Soul

Tell me if you want me there Help me understand what you need Because I find it easy to see the beauty in your soul and It scares me to bare myself that… Continue reading


I had someone Eager to hear about my day Eager to know my thoughts Eager to be with me And now that is gone I have to compromise To let it all out… Continue reading