Sway me more Sway me away from my mind Move and see the souls Wandering under the blackness of the night Feeling everything and nothing at all Throwing their lives away


I am drowning in the noise Inside my mind and my surrounds Somehow, I just want to lay in bed In peace and quiet Writing, scribbling Till peace resonates inside my soul again


Nahimasmasan na ako Kukunin ko na ulit ang sarili ko At lilipad lilipad at hayok Hahanapin ang kahulugan ng tunay na pag ibig


Mapaglaro ang tadhana Hindi ako marunong, paano ba ito Sino na ba ang taya Hahabulin ang nawalang pag asa Hahabulin ang naglahong tiwala Hahabulin ang kinulang na pagkakaintindihan Kukunin ko ang sarili at… Continue reading


Sometimes you get used to a certain kind of pain that it numbs you But I guess there is nothing wrong with that I feel just like a leaf afloat a river on… Continue reading


Little girl even diamonds start as coal The crushing pains will redeem itself Things happen for a reason Eventually realizations will unfold


Silly girl You stupid girl You foolish girl Just when are you going to learn!


You’re drawing me in Then pushing me away How could you be so unfair I really just want to be there To remind you how good you are But I don’t know if… Continue reading

Perfect Stranger

It starts, once again I am alone I can get used to this I don’t have to worry so much About whether or not you will reply Or what can I interest you… Continue reading

A while

I know that it’s wrong to miss you But I do, get used to having you around Thought we could be together for a little more while But that is alright Atleast you… Continue reading