Intimate Silence

You do not really need to know that I see you In a way that is more than I must Found a fondness of you that I’d rather just Play within this intimate… Continue reading


I found that sappy feeling Happy and and sad the same time While walking alone Cold night winds rush to this face Mind’s zoned out to the music As if the lyrics are… Continue reading


No I did not come here to break hearts No I did not come here to have you break mine Down here I can carelessly pass the time Down where the darkness is… Continue reading

Embrace again

It is true I look through your pictures just to imagine you there Being with somebody else It used to disgust me It used to anger me It used to sadden me Now… Continue reading


Somehow maybe you can already feel That if you keep being more optimistic and less hateful Things just feel better Cry when you must but do not agonize about your pain Avoid compromising… Continue reading

Crave deeper

Even when you turn on the lights These eyes will only see a prisoner Looking for release in a way similar to mine but Relentless and more determined to succeed We rest patiently… Continue reading

Love departing

When I said I love you I meant it When I said I hate you I was probably just out of control I let you hurt me cause I thought you were gonna… Continue reading


I can see the ship sinking on dry land. And I cant save it. The world is pulling it down. Heavy and loaded in dirt and concrete. How to escape with these chains… Continue reading

I’d rather

I’d rather die Right now at this very moment Than have another tear rush down my face Than have my heart pierced into agony and defeat All over again In so many different… Continue reading

Thoughts for you

I want you to know I loved you like you are my last Like you’re the best I ever had I want you to know Just how much I longed for you to… Continue reading