His love was a disease It shed my skin towards my bones that when even he left I am left open He made me suffer for what I was worth I am in… Continue reading

Build Up

I was in my car crying loud and without shame sobbing, and letting the heavy tears flow what did I do to deserve this? was I simply not enough? when will I be… Continue reading

The Wrong Person

I loved the wrong person That is just the way it goes I loved him with my all but he chose another he cheated while I was praying that things between us will… Continue reading

Fragile Heart

Oh this is such an embarassment Im so stuck stalking her page Im so frustrated about not having to see his Why are they so happy and why do I still feel lonely… Continue reading


I still remember the way you looked at me Your eyes smiling beautifully Do you remember how I always break down in tears? My heart was so happy Finally somebody chose to love… Continue reading


Why does my heart yearn for things that always hurts? What have I done for it to be this way? I just want to be loved. That is all.


Itong puso ko Lagi nalang nasasaktan Lagi nalang nahihirapan Kahit hanggang ngayon Kahit wala na siyang laman

Over flow

Slowly being comfortable with the sadness, I exhaust myself in silent tears. My sadness is reeking at the edges of my sanity. I wish to stop time and run away. But I cant, it… Continue reading


They say that pain is temporary And I believe it to be true Pain come and goes In unending motion Like the hand of the clock Poking the lines of 7 As fast… Continue reading

Wilted petals

Will happiness devour the petals already wilted? Diversions set in the play On a stage of hopefuls and hopeless Struggling to protect that lonely rose Before traveled far and about Meeting quests that… Continue reading